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Anonymous asked:
I saw you once. At a show, which was a cool

Really, which show? Also who are ya?

Anonymous asked:
Oooo a girlfriend? Tell us more! Describe her :D

She kinda looks like this


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Das how I feel!

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Dude look out your window haha

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IT’S GOING ON RIGHT NOW                       

Thanks dudes!! I was going to give up and go to sleep but now I saw a cool red moon

Anonymous asked:
OMG OMG are you watching the eclipse?? :o

No I missed it!! D:

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment? -.-

Hahah a bit, I actually have a girlfriend right now

Anonymous asked:
What are your plans for summer?(:

Going to Montana and Utah to see family, trying to find freelance video work, and Vidcon! Thats pretty much it I think